Monday, December 06, 2010

Watchers for the 12-7-10 trading session


This thing might hit 2 before they let it die, but die it likely will, given time. See my last comments from last time, they mostly still apply. An awesome short if you can find or reserve shares, and avoid fake outs.

See my comments from last time, the mostly still apply. Still might not be done, but will be a nice short once the herd spooks.


First red day Supernovae scan return. Plan is to look for more down side to short into, if it sports heavy sell pressure, preferably early, or sees conventional confirmed weakness cues.It did not redden much last time, so maybe this might pan out alright if the signals surface. Stay flat otherwise.


Closed on the hod. This is obviously getting long in the tooth, but the volume is still strong, so it might be in play both ways tomorrow. First, as a potential long scalp out of the gate or shortly after, and then as a fade entry on heavy sell pressure or typical verified weakness cues. Not into a top fishing fade entry. If the short arises tomorrow (it may not) it would be best if we open nominally green or flat and go red early.


Another stock with numbered days, this over extending issue is losing volume over all, but is making new price highs nevertheless. See my comments from last time, they mostly still apply. Not into a long here.


A chart pattern I like due to immediacy of feedback and clarity. In early October, this tested 3, corrected, and tried again today. Tomorrow it will be in play both ways. First as a short on a top fished fail at 3 (one of the rare times I like such entries)which is probably more likely than the long which is possible on a take and hold of 3 on volume with acceleration. Closed at 2.84 so the feedback should be quick and clear. Always choose plays with features like this, it makes life easier.


This is on fire, and may have a bit more from the bell or soon after. This might yield a quick long scalp. Trouble is, it is up plenty more after hours, and already over extending. So a top fishing fade entry might beckon on any parabolic moves. Ideally, it opens nominally green or flat and fails quick to red, to permit a conventional confirmed weakness cue entry. This type of entrance is less risky. Another case where potential stops and feedback clearness and rapidity is choice. Since the stock is now near a psychological selling (or breakthrough) point of 6, that makes this equity even more tantalizing.

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