Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Trade review 12-7-10

I got a few picks right...



Opening flat, it advanced a short while, then nicely went green to red for the fade entry. Closed off of the lows, but still red by over 13% today.


Another nice short, this one opened near the hod and went green to red quickly. Nice early dumping led to mostly sideways price action, which continued into the close, which was south by over 11.5% today.


I nailed this with near perfection. Notice the gap up open right under 3, and an immediate fail. Green to red ensued yielding a shorting cue, and more dumping. Gentle down sloping action followed into the close, which was down by nearly 11% today.



I was wrong enough about the direction and the reaction to the 2 level that I am awarding myself with a loss when I could easily argue a push given my preconditions and how it played out, but I will not. Never weakening, 2 indeed was a point of contention, but it broke out with a vengeance from there, and a pull back to the flat line was another dip entry on a day of greening that closed up over 17.5% today. With no dumping that was easy to manage, or typical cues, the suggested stance was to stay flat. I seriously doubt many shorts were squeezed today, given the upside character that was so obvious from the start.



Opening on a nominal gap up near the lod, this never weakened in any way to short into. It mostly steadily advanced, greening by the close, which was up around 23% today. A flat stance was thus called for.


Aside from the useless first 5 minute candle, we had decent initial upside. I figured it had a bit more up side left, but it did not truly spike hard. We saw no weakness cues, so the more desired short did not materialize at all. The gap up did not help matters in that regard, either. All things considered, a push seems in order here.


Arguable as a win, I am calling this a push. It did fail at the level of interest (6) almost exactly. It was a top fishing fade play, but it did not go parabolic at any point, opening at the hod. However, it did not open flat or nominally green, a clear gap up making an easy conventional shorting cue approach hard. A stock that just drops from the gun is often the hardest to play, so staying flat was preferable here. A shame, since this was a play with great potential, but it did not play out as perfectly as something like GKK did, described above.

Daily record: W-3 L-1-P-3


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