Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Watchers for the 12-9-10 trading session


Next stop 3. Read all my comments from the past many days. Yes, I am stubborn. But yes, this is also NXTH/CLRH so it will be a great short ONCE it dies hard on pumper dumping, etc. This could see a correction tossing most of the gains in a few hours of one day. My advice on this has yet to change much.


Another outstanding short in the making, up 89% today, is this pumper which is a fade entry on traditional confirmed weakness cues (barely green or flat open then going red, etc.) or massive sell dumps of the pump, such as morning panic. Long is a bit tardy, so flat on more greening. Now a new Supernovae scan return.


By now this is getting absurd, but it might not be done yet, so while the long is more risky except on obvious spiking to scalp up into, to short this you must be patient. A fade entry possible on heavy selling pressure dumps or typical confirmed weakness cues. Being a short is kind of like betting against the dice in craps; you may win, but everyone hates you and plans to beat you up in the parking lot.


Much like HHWW this incher continues to confound early shorts. The idea is to wait for the distribution day and not to join the crowd, however tempting. The easiest way to secure shares in a timely manner is to box and drop it. When something like this drops, it is usually quick and violent, with many days of gains wiped out in a few hours. This is a fade entry on big sell dumps or conventional confirmed weakness cues.


A profit taking fade possible if it opens up or flat and goes red early or panics out of the gate. A NYSE stock, this is strict over extension down scalping with a longer hold depending on how it holds up. Not for amateurs.


I would like to say this is short bait, but I cannot. Explosion of volume might see an encore tomorrow. If we open flat or modestly red, and we are currently down after hours, I look to go long on an early red to green for a long scalp or a bit more, depending on how it holds up. Not into a short on parabolic moves/top fishing.


See my comments for SRZ which this play resembles, except it is a NASDAQ issue and not nearly as cheap. I would like to see any squeezing held under 19 or a cover will be essential. If the entry is picky enough that will be unlikely in any event.

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