Sunday, January 16, 2011

Trade review 1-14-11

I got a few picks right on Friday...



Opening on a gap down near the hod, within 30 minutes this traded below its opening price signal, and caved the rest of the way nicely. It later traded sideways and recovered a bit, but still quite red, down by almost 23% on Friday.


Opening on a gap up at the hod, this tanked at once, soon going green to red, and staying that way. Great morning panic. It closed off of the lows, but still very down, red by over 27% on Friday.


Opening on a modest gap down near the hod, this went sideways a few minutes, then began a long slide that rewarded shorts. It closed somewhat off of the lows, but still negative by nearly 19% on Friday.


The long scalp played out to perfection here. It could have been held all day or close to that, but it finished off of the highs. Opening on a gap up, it closed green by 10% on Friday, with declining volume, a warning sign.


This was another decent call on the bounce play long. Opening on a gap up, it soared about 15 minutes in nicely, then it traded sideways into the close, which was green by over 12.5% on Friday. The recent strength on this 52 week high made the pick a cinch. 1 buck held and made gains as well, so it was a spot opportunity.



Too choppy. A whipsaw that required top fishing as suspected to play short, but the way it played out was hard to time. It closed well off of the highs, as suspected, though. Closing green by nearly 2.5% from a flat open, it dipped red as teaser a few times, although not by very much. All things considered, a loss is required.



I would like to claim a win here since it closed red by over 12.5% on Friday, but cannot because a huge gap down negated any entry and required a flat stance. Closed on the hod, but even after a whole session of trading the gap was 38 cents on a 3 buck stock! It advanced from the open, then traded sideways on out.


Arguably a win, as it dumped out the open on heavy volume, breaching 7. It was choppy though, and returned green. Later on, it broke below 7 again and stayed that way, but the mixed outcome suggests a push. Also, the gap up probably meant shorts kept out. It had enough negative energy to still break under 7 on the same sell off, to be fair, but most would have kept flat. Red close by nearly 4% on Friday.

Unofficially, the FRDM possible long spike failed entirely. It opened at the hod and began dumping from the gun, denying a scalp up entry altogether.

Daily record: W-5 L-1-P-2


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