Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Trade review 1-4-11

I got some of these things right...



This played out perfectly. Opening flat, it soon went red and fell in the morning. It rebounded, but still closed red by over 2% today.


Opening on a modest gap down, this budding over extension sold off at once, and a rapid exit netted gains to the shorts. A longer hold through a bit of early noise worked as well, as it closed lower than it opened and red by over 4.5% today. Most probably did not stop out on it, as the hod was printed early and never exceeded and was not much above the previous session high. It sported no initial spiking up, so a long was out.



A fake out loss when this opened on a gap down, which fell a spell but then rebounded. It gradually gained ground and finished green by over 4.5% today.


Opening on a gap down, this soon greened but rapidly fell back under red and stayed that way in a narrow range. Closed down by less than 1% today.



Looks like a win, as it closed down 12.5% today, but it opened on a gap down and after falling initially, it rebounded, to finish equal to the open. The redness was all lost in the gap, so it was essentially unchanged. Ceased trading early on.


Opening on a gap down, this moved sideways then fell, and I said to keep flat on that. It rebounded to even go green nominally for a short stretch, but soon fell back under red. Closed down over 1.5% today.


This closed green by over 4% today but it was not a long as it never got above 3.75 and kept in a modest trading range on the upside. Most who shorted probably made money, except EOD closers, and there was ample warning of reversal on an ongoing basis before the finish. Opening on a gap up, it soon went red and stayed that way for a while, gradually recovering in the second half of the session, accelerating into the finale. Arguably a win, but the greening in the last several minutes prevents that.

Daily record: W-2 L-2-P-3


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