Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Watchers for the 1-5-11 trading session


Yeah, I am stubborn, but the volume is fading and this should have fallen today. Short covering? See my analysis for last time, it mostly still applies. Should be lower over the next few days. Most Supernovae plays end up fizzling out in the end.


Red floater scan return. Plan is to play for more down side in heavy sell dumps or confirmed weakness cues, if they arise. Keep flat otherwise on strength/greening. As usual, the best set up has a nominally green or red or flat open, then a clear move, rather than a big gap either way. Fell under 5% last time so more might come.


7 test looms for this new 52's stock. This is a scalp long on early or from gun spiking up, not to be pressed past the above number if conservative. Early red to green also possible for a long. If this weakens off the bat or soon after I am flat. Also not into a top fishing fade at 7, I'm just watching that for exit strategies here.


Poor shorts, but obviously aside from an early or from gun spike up to long scalp, this still should be a strong potential short on parabolic moves, though if it guns early it will require top fishing to fade it. Obviously easiest will be the vaunted flat or slightly red or green open and then strong moves up or down, but a gap is likely.


Big day, which historically the gains of which are seldom held on this stock. You know the drill. Short biased on early confirmed weakness cues or morning panics. News catalyst, in theory. Another possibility is a repeat of today with initial spiking up to long scalp and a decay. That will require a top fishing fade if shorting the fall.


Up over 115% today on no obvious PR. I like those odds. Short on confirmed weakness cues or massive, hopefully early, sell dumps. If it looks strong early, keep flat. As usual, I am hoping for no big gaps here.


New 52's. NYSE stock, I know, but look at the chart. Nice volume and consolidating periods. If it gradually greens tomorrow a long can be considered. Not into a short here, so if it looks weak up front, I am flat.

Unofficially, keep an eye on GCFB for more action tomorrow. Up after hours, it might be overdone, but that means a top fishing expedition, which I do not prefer.

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