Sunday, January 09, 2011

Trade review 1-7-11

I got a few picks correct...



Gravy came on Friday as this opened at the hod on a gap up and soon went red. It closed down over 4% on the day.


It could not hold its spike as predicted, so I am still perfect on plays with this stock. Opening on a gap down near the hod, it tanked the rest of the way, finishing south by over 15% on Friday.


A perfect afternoon break out in the last hour, this gave a clear long entry signal when it broke above 0.75 on heavy volume. This continued into the close, which was green by nearly 17% on Friday. The bias was obvious from the get go as it gradually powered up for the explosion in the last 60 minutes.



This seems like a clear win, as it closed up over 2.5% on Friday and I was so long biased. But appearances are deceiving. It faked many out with its going green, back to red and back again. Those who held through the choppiness were fine, but some would have taken losses on the whip saws, so it must be scored a loss.



An easy play to stay flat on. This opened on a slight gap up at the hod, then it fell the rest of the way. Never going green or testing 2 for the long entry signal, it closed red by over 3% on Friday.


Not a problem staying flat here, either. It began to drop right from the start, printing the hod in the initial noise candles. It gradually recovered after a long first half session slide, but never went green. Closing off of the lows but still red by over 1% on Friday.


Opening on a gap up at the lod, this never sported any weakness cues, so a flat stance was suggested. Although it arguably a win on the initial spiking up which could have been long scalped, as I intimated. It eventually traded sideways with an upward bias into the finish. Closed green over 7% on Friday. A push.

My unofficial play COUGF also panned out. It opened on a slight gap down near the hod and dumped all day evenly into the close, which was red by over 8.5% on Friday. It never retook 5, needless to say.

Daily record: W-3 L-1-P-3


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