Thursday, January 06, 2011

Watchers for the 1-7-11 trading session


Almost a red floater, this fell as per plan last time, but the recent Supernovae scan return closed well off of the highs on a daily hammer at the top of a move, so more gravy may come Friday. Fade on heavy selling dumps or confirmed weakness cues. Keep flat on greening/early strength. As usual, short weakness not power, and hope for a flat or nominally green or red open and then a dive. Big gaps are harder to manage, usually.


Alright, this might be the first losing play I will ever have on it, but it never holds its spikes, okay? What with a big gap up on top of it, I gotta believe some more selling awaits, possibly Friday. Of course, it DID close off of the highs, but still...short on early profit taking dumps on volume or confirmed weakness cues. I do not want to top fish fade this one, especially, so if it gaps more substantially or otherwise spikes up from the gun I would either momentum scalp long that or sit in cash. As usual, I would prefer a small gap up or down or flat open, and a clear weakening move to fade into. Up a bit after hours.


Quite a run. 2 test looms. Closed on hod. Long over 2 and holds with volume, and an early long as a scalp on the aforementioned test if it opens flat or nominally green and rips. Also an early red to green long on a reasonably modest gap down. If it just dives or looks weak out of box I am flat, not into a short on this one.


Superb break out on volume with consolidation period. Possible early session red to green long entry. Or a modest gap or flat open and strong conviction early is a long. Flat on immediate dumping, no shorts.


New 52's. Heck, new 104's on this hot stock. Closed near the hod. I expect more early strength/spiking even from the bell, to long scalp and more, depending on how well it holds up. Up after hours currently a tad. If it trades premarket and opens a bit down, and early red to green long possible. Again, I am flat here if it dives.


Upside hammer on the daily, I am hoping for more down side of a real nature on Friday. Plenty of volume, small range of open to close with a high shadow. An NYSE stock. Short on early dumping with volume or confirmed weakness cues. Avoid longs, unless is spikes up out of the gate and you want to scalp that.


Another stock I hope correct a bit to short into, this one lost volume but equaled the previous session high of 0.75 so if we overtake and hold that on more impressive volume, it could be bought, but I would rather short this on a fail there if it arises. Also a short on early panic sells or confirmed weakness cues. If it gaps a lot either way, keep flat.

Unofficially watching COUGF a 1st red day and a drop back under a key 5 buck level. Hopefully more down side follows tomorrow for the shorts, especially if it cannot retake 5 and drops from there.

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