Monday, January 10, 2011

Watchers for the 1-11-11 trading session


Supernovae still maturing. See my analysis from last time, it mostly still applies. Volume beginning to decline, so it might be due to correct soon. As always, fade blood in the water, not the hope of it spilling in soon.


Another Supernovae still advancing, see my analysis from last time, it mostly still applies. Volume is also beginning to waver but was stronger than the previous session print. High wave sticks on both ends is another maturation sign. Be patient, pull the trigger when it really weakens.


Another Supernovae that did not pop from last time. Volume jumped, which was an unexpected annoyance. A lot like the stock above, it needs to be patiently stalked. See my previous analysis for it and DUNR for tips.


New Supernovae scan return. Corrected considerably since it had a 2 day run up move on December 15-16. Should have some resistance around 0.40 but if it gets above that and holds, it might yet squeeze. A fade on massive early sell dumps and confirmed weakness cues. Keep flat otherwise, unless scalping the 0.40 popper.


Supernovae scan return. Rapper 50 cent (no, I am not kidding!) said buy this and peeps are actually doing it. Might have more idiots show up from the gun to long scalp a spike up, or it might sell on big volume from the bell or shortly after. I think it dives soon. Such a spirited dump can be shorted or fade scalped depending on how long it lasts. I would like to think this does not have enduring life as a novae, but you never know. Closed lower than its open, it seems like a scummy front loaded scheme that even a 'gangsta should be ashamed of. Also a fade on traditional confirmed weakness cues, if it fails to gap up or down much. Maybe they dump it at fifty cents as an inside joke?


Lots of momentum here. Possible gapper. If it opens flat or barely positive or negative, I want to see how well it holds or reacts to 1 buck. That will be the key to determining how to trade this. It is an important level psychologically. If we hold it and begin to climb it might be longed. If we quickly fall under more selling could follow, yielding a fade. This is a live price action situation. If it spikes immediately or soon after, a long scalp?


Positive cancer news with a solid break out today could power higher tomorrow. Might be an early red to green entry for the long. Usually something like this has a bit more life left on day 2. If it looks lame, just leave it alone, to avoid squeezing. Might spike up from or very near the bell, which can at least be long scalped.


Big move today when they upped their guidance. New 52's. Short term, these usually power higher. If it looks strong early a long is possible, hold time depending on how well it sustains its gains. Possible spike up from or near the bell for a long scalp entry, or an early red to green long if it gaps down within reason. Leave it alone if it looks weak or dumps hard early on. Do not play on any large gaps in any direction.

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