Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Trade review 1-11-11

I got a few of them correct today...



This had a nice afternoon fade when it initially opened on a gap up, traded sideways and began to advance. It was fine until a green to red reared its ugly head in the last 2 hours. Closed down by over 4% today.


Another nice play as this opened on a modest gap down near the hod and soon tanked. It recovered somewhat over the day, but still closed red by over 5% today.


An easy win as this opened on a reasonable gap up at the hod and soon tanked. A green to red followed and it continued to list along into the close, which was south by nearly 21% today.


I guess 'Gangsta rap and penny stock investing do not go well together. Opening on a gap up, this proved to be the hod, and it soon dived. A green to red move followed. It soon recovered, but bounces never went green or even retook the opening price. It declined again into the close, which was red by over 23% today.


In spite of the narrow range and seeming high wave stick shadows, this is a win, as it closed green and never reddened, (although it briefly saw the flat line) despite the early correction after opening on a gap up. It soon got going, and never looked back, advancing gently up the rest of the day. Closed green by nearly 8% today.



A whipsaw loss. Opening on a gap up, it soon fell, going green to red. Then it spiked up and went seemingly solidly green, only to dive back under red again. The decay continued most of the rest of the day. It perked up into the close, finishing unchanged. But the choppiness could easily have lost money for either longs or shorts. Anytime you get a red to green to green to red relative to the previous session close, reversals hurt.



Opening on a modest gap down near the lod, it zoomed up immediately, fast going green. After pulling back in the morning, it resumed its march, closing strong up almost 48% on the day. A push since the strength was so obvious so quickly shorts undoubtedly kept flat. No shorting signal surfaced.


It did not work but as I said last time if it looked weak out of the box keep flat. This was a gap and crap as it opened up, then fell immediately. It flirted with negative prices until it finally held under, then decayed the rest of the way, finishing south by over 5% today.

Daily record: W-5 L-1-P-2


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