Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Trade review 2-16-11

At least I got something right today...



Gap and crap materialized. Nice morning panic style dump near the open to  go green to red fast, then it went sideways most of the day, inching up and finishing off of the lows, but still negative, by over 12.5% today.



A whipsaw fake out choppy prone session. Gap up open went right, in that it soon went green to red, but then it inched back positive, and hugged the flat line all day into the close, which was green by over 2% today.

KV.A and KV.B

Another fake out. Gap ups immediately distributed, and lasted longer than the first 5 minute noise candle, albeit briefly. Then they reversed course, greened, and never looked back. Closed green by over 15% today.


Still another fake out. After opening on a gap up, it tanked immediately. Then it rose and retook and exceeded the opening price level, yielding a long. This did not last, though. It gradually faded all day, and while it closed green due to the gapper, it closed lower than it opened, up over 1.5% today.


Some pull back swings are in this still, and may be up on the play and riding it out to near earnings. Sadly, though, it faked out longs by spiking up, lasting over 5 minutes and then hard tanking! Once it reddened it never looked back, finishing down by over 1% today.



Save for the initial 5 minute noise candle, that had little range, this soon went straight up, then sideways from a green pole position, all day. A strong finish led to this closing up by over 45% today. Shorts never had a play.


A flat open saw an initial candle for 5 minutes have no range at all, opening and closing at the same level. The next one was thus the real first candle, which greened. The following one tanked hard and caused a green to red move, and it never looked back. No real chance of a fake out and no sound long entry cue arose, so keeping flat was the only move. It also ultimately failed to hold 2.90 so swings are out, this happened by EOD. The lack of any kind of gap was a red flag here, and the price action today shows why one usually lets the first 5 minute noise candle alone, and waits to watch the next one before deciding to enter or not!

Daily record: W-1 L-4-P-2



A very unlucky day for me, which started off good, but whipsaw fake out price action on so many stocks caused what looks like a bad record on paper to be less off the mark than it was. Still, this is the worst day picking for me since the blog inception. My overall record, as most of you know, is fine.

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