Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Trade review 2-22-11

I got some picks right today...


KV.A and KV.B

Despite a clear gap down, these was easy money textbook style as they filled the gap, barely greened for a tad, then quickly fell back red for good, yielding a short signals. Nice even selling to close down over 13%.5 at least, today.


Nice gap up and crap as this opened at the hod and tanked immediately, soon reddening and keeping up the tank fest all day into the close, which was south by nearly 10.5% today.


Another easy one as the gap down mostly slid gently down all day, closing red by over 7.5% today. It traded above its opening price briefly in the first hour, even greening, but that was printed on one 5 minute candle, whereupon it resumed its decline. Closed down over 7.5% today.


Gap down open at the hod fell from there, evenly and consistently all day, making a short easy. Closed red by nearly 6% today. Consistently trading below the opening price level and failing to fill the gap are sure signs.



The broader index was not kind here. It fell from the bell, but eventually greened a few hours in. It did not last though, faking longs out by going red barely, almost flat lining and keeping that up for hours. It accelerated down into the finish, which was down by over 2% today.


Another broader index victim, this gap down quickly went green, but it did not last. It essentially hugged the flat line a bit green, but faded over the day and accelerated into the close, which was red by less than 1 half of 1 percent. So, the good news was the loss was quite small for the longs.



Arguably a win, this began to panic from the gun, opening at an initial high and dropping fast. Quick scalps short probably banked. Then, it stormed back to go green, so any shorts still holding were now owning a loss. But it textbook afternoon faded the last hour to finish red by nearly 3% today. This at least merits a draw.

Daily record: W-4 L-2-P-1


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