Monday, February 28, 2011

Trade review 2-28-11

I got some of them right today...



Easy win incher style as this mostly edged up all day. Closed up by over 6.5% today out of a flat open.


Opening on a gap up, this steadily advanced, aside from a bit of early noise which never went red. Closed positive in the neighborhood of 11% today. An entry by the 2nd 5 minute candle turned out just fine.



A fake out loss as this printed red and under the opening price level after the initial 5 minutes, and then zoomed green for good, closing up nearly 19% today. Gap up fell at once.


Played out almost exactly like ROYL for a choppy whipsaw. Closed green by close to 3% today. True, it gapped down but it traded under the opening price level after 5 minutes and faked out the shorts.



Huge gap down precluded safe entry except to stay flat. Yes, it did die today, and some shorts probably banked after the initial candle immediately bounced and then failed, when it traded below its opening price consistently, but this is a no play.


I can claim a push as this dropped from the initial 5 minute noise candle to red out of the open, which was off the hod by only 1 cent. It stayed negative all day, gradually fading into the close, which was south by more than 2% today.


A push no entry as a gap up was the hod, which fell at once. It kept falling for the 2nd candle, then it rose but only to the flat line, which it hugged most of the day providing no entry signal for longs. Decay accelerated late and it closed negative by over 3.5% today.

My unofficial picks PTSC and ALAN deserve a mention, too. The former fell from the gun from a flat open, so long scalpers had no play. The latter went nowhere but gradually down from a gap down, also preventing a possible green scalp. Both stocks naturally finished negative on the day.

Daily record: W-2 L-2-P-3


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