Sunday, February 06, 2011

Trade review 2-4-11

I got some of them right on Friday...



Aside from the first useless 5 minute noise candle, which printed the lod, this steadily and surely advanced. This produced an artificial red to green long. Prices stayed green early. It closed green by nearly 5% on Friday.


Aside from the first useless 5 minute noise candle, which printed the lod, this began to advance. Much was lost in the gap up, but not everything. It greened in the morning and kept positive, gradually advancing into the close, which was positive by nearly 4.5% on Friday. Closed off of the highs, though. That printed at lunch.



Few longs got caught here likely, as it printed the hod in the first 5 minute candle. But it almost greened and failed. I got the direction and timing wrong, being sure of another good day that never arose. It traded sideways and almost flat all day. Closed negative by a bit over 1 half of 1 percent on Friday. A gap and crap. The losses probably were not much for anyone getting trapped.



This did open on a gap down, but it immediately moved up. The lod printed in the first useless 5 minute noise candle. After greening early, it traded sideways for a while and up and down but still positive, finishing green by over 5.5% on Friday. No play arose for shorts, who should have kept flat.


A less honest blogger would claim a win here as a short. Since I am one of the most honest out there, I will not. News hit that caused a mega gap down. This suggests a flat stance. True, it traded sideways then tailed off even more, but just as often a bounce can happen, so while one could have played with a tight upper stop above the hod, it was suspicious. Initially it moved up, only decaying later and into the close, which was red by over 22% on Friday. Most that was lost in the gap, though. It apparently got halted, missing about 2 trading hours.


Shorts never got a play, but they almost did. Opening on a gap up, it advanced out of the gate, then pulled back and printed the lod early. This was a cent above the previous close, not flat or under, so no entry arose. After staying green, it kept advancing nicely squeezing amateur shorts. Closed positive by nearly 12% on Friday.


Opening on a gap down, the hod printed in the first useless 5 minute noise candle. That was barely green.  It immediately tanked and even the initial candle closed lower than the open. The sell off continued, so longs never got an entry chance. This dumping continued for 2 hours, then it rose a bit and went sideways. Closed off of the lows, but still red by nearly 7% on Friday.

Daily record: W-2 L-1-P-4


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