Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Trade review 2-8-11

I got some of these things right...



Opening on gap ups, they both fell red by 45 minutes in, and traded sideways into the close. The least red was down nearly 4% today.


Opening flat, this fell at once, going red, but began a strong recovery into the 10 A.M reversal period to go solidly green. It pulled back but only briefly dipped barely red and held up positive but only a bit, most of the day, but gained altitude into the close to end up by over 2% today. Patient longs were rewarded on this one.



Another highway robbery of shorts, this opened on a gap down, moved positive fast and then fell red near lunch. Things still looked good for the Bears when it greened in the afternoon, holding up to close green by nearly 2% today.



Closed unchanged relative to the previous session close, but most shorts banked considering how it played out. Opening on a gap up hod, it began to fade and traded sideways most of the day, falling red late in the day, and only bouncing up at the very end. Finished lower than it opened. Technically a push, but more like a win.


Closed unchanged relative to the previous session close. Opened on a gap up, then faded to the flat line and went nowhere all day. Finished lower than it opened today, so it feels like a win but it is a push in theory.


Opening on a gap up near the hod, this fell from the first useless 5 minute noise candle, and fast went red outright, never giving longs a chance to enter. Quite fortunate as it closed down over 1.5% today. 1.15 did not hold initially for a pullback entry, but it rebounded later on to finish above that but still not green.


Longs never had a chance to be faked out here, as this gap opened near the hod and dumped from the first useless 5 minute noise candle. It fell red fast and later rebounded, but never saw green again. Closed red by nearly 2% today. This play shows that most faulty entries are avoidable if you can fathom live price action.

Daily record: W-2 L-1-P-4


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