Monday, February 07, 2011

Watchers for the 2-8-11 trading session


Supernovae, 2nd up day. See my analysis from last time, it mostly still applies. I think the chance of good at or near gun scalping up is less now, though. Another good sign for shorts, volume is much less on the buy side, even while making new highs today for both.


Supernovae, 2nd up day. Most all of that was in the gap up. It closed where it opened, with a daily doji print. See my analysis for last time, it mostly still applies. Volume on the buy side is much less, despite the new highs, which is a positive sign for shorts.


Supernovae, still maturing. See  my comments from last time, and last Friday, as it still applies for Tuesday. It should have a decent distribution day pretty quick here. Volume is fading for buys and it is just side grinding. It has squeezed plenty of early shorts, so be aware.


Up today over 328.5% on no obvious news. Call me skeptical. A fade on at or near gun heavy volume dumping. A scalp down at least in that case. Also a fade on standard confirmed weakness cues. This is more likely on a flat or barely up or down open, followed by a clear move south. Keep flat on strength/greening.


New 52's. Short term these often move higher. Possible pull back entry if it can hold 1.15 or so. This might involve an early red to green move, especially on a modest gap down. Avoid big gaps in any direction. Also a long on consistent moves above the opening price level on Tuesday. No shorts, keep flat on consistently weak price action.


New 52's. Nice volume, especially into the close. See my comments for AEFI for entry cues, they apply here as well. Any pull back entry though needs to hold 3.50 ideally and 3.45 at worst. You can also entertain a long scalp on this if it spikes up at or near the bell. Not a short. keep flat on real weakness.


New 52's. Possible 10 test. Analysis similar to HILL above, regards entry cues. Really nice volume all day. Possible run up into earnings, which are released February 14. Any swing longs need to be sold into that.

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