Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Trade review 3-1-11

I got a few plays right today...



More nice inching out of a gap up open, as predicted. Drift up all day. Closed green by nearly 4% today.


Lebed finally came through, as this rolled today as suspected. The dump is not in yet, at least for today. Gap up advanced from the gun, and the pull back did not fill the gapper, then it continued to ascend. Strong close up over 29% today. At minimum a scalp long banked.



I was wrong on the timing and my long scenarios did not play out like I said here. It basically inched up all day. Shorts will have to wait at least one more session! Closed green by over 3% today.



This went up from the open, never giving shorts a chance to enter safely. A gap up. Closed a bit off the highs, but still solidly green by over 11% today, squeezing some naive shorts who do not follow entry rules I teach!


See my above comments for ROYL as this one played out much the same short squeezing way. If you follow my rules, most losses on faulty entries can be avoided, and it is obvious at the time. Closed up over 10% today, following a gap down red to green move on the first candle.


This fell from the start, out of a gap up open at the hod. It finished green, and I was long biased, but I cannot claim a win since it went red fast and stayed negative all day until the finish, when it closed up by less than 1 half of 1 percent by moves at the very end. The price action clearly screamed a flat stance.


This is arguably a win, but I am not claiming it as it did not play out exactly as I specified. A gap and crap did happen, though. It did not keep going to red, only flat lined. It did consistently trade under the opening price, and reached the flat line in the last hour, finishing unchanged on the day. It looks like a win, but I am honest.

My unofficial plays deserve mention, too. EPM gapped and crapped, and finished unchanged, ruining any long entry from existing. ROYE was a nice gap up and crap green to red short entry as predicted that closed down over 27% today. AMEL was a nice long gap up that rose over 17% today. KNKT dived rather spectacularly for shorts after a gap down failed to close the space and it panicked early, finishing red by over 36% today. I am such a great stock picker, even my off table plays often pan out, as you can see...

Daily record: W-2 L-1-P-4


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