Sunday, March 13, 2011

Trade review 3-11-11

I got a few plays right on Friday...



A gap down open filled almost at once, going green early. It gradually decayed about an hour, when it turned red, giving shorts their cue. It stayed around the flat line to negative most of the day, except for for a brief modest spike with 2 hours left, which did not even come close to the hod to shake out shorts. A weak close sealed the deal, and it ended up negative by over 10.5% on Friday.


A gap up signified strength, but predictably filled soon after. But it perked up perfectly off the flat line, and soon took out the opening price level for the long entry cue. It never looked back, even though it closed off of the highs, it was still positive by over 3.5% on Friday.


This worked out perfectly. A gap down open exactly on the key 7.00 level which proved to be the lod went green by 10 minutes in. It soon returned nominally under the flat line a few times but held 7 bucks on that meandering. A bit less than 2 hours in it decisively greened and never looked back. Nice, even rising ensued, although it closed off of the highs, up over 5.5% on Friday.



A fake out loss as a gap down open rapidly filled, but it did not last. It began to fall red and hung around a nominally down level all day. A tepid close followed, which was negative by less than 1 half of 1 percent.



This zoomed up nearly from the gun, opening a cent above the lod on a gap up, so shorts had no play to enter. A top fish fade was possible, but I said to avoid that here. Closed green by over 35.5% on Friday on a no play.


This finished unchanged relative to the previous close. It presented no entry for shorts as it opened on a gap down a cent above the lod and soared up at once. It finished strongly, and a late fade did not fall under the opening price level.


A gap up open advanced a bit and filled essentially to the flat line. Then it began a gradual climb up which really accelerated as the day went on. Shorts never got a clear cue signal as it stayed in positive territory consistently. A strong close followed as it ended up green by nearly 45.5% on Friday,

Daily record: W-3 L-1-P-3


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