Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Trade review 3-22-11

I got some of them correct today...



Gap up open strong from the gun, and it held up, easily taking and holding 3 for a rare long on this kind of play, which I noted in my list from the night before could arise. Up and down positive movement ended the day up over 36% for the longs.


Another big day for longs. A gap up open steadily climbed, making the long easy with monitoring. It rose all day, closing near the highs and green by over 15% today.


This just soared from the gun on a gap up, giving longs more gravy yet again. It closed off of the highs, but still up over 31.5% today. Scalp or longer hold, it was easy pickings and dough.



A flat open saw this fall a tad, then rally to nearly the flat line. Then it began to decay, eventually taking out the opening price level and sucking in shorts. Then came the afternoon and it rallied, going green, which held up to the end that was positive by over 5.5% today.


This fell out of the gate briefly, then went red to green. Longs got trapped and soon it returned red. It stalled right at 11.99 so more cautious Bulls were not caught if they waited on the 12 test as I intimated. Another return to green quickly failed, and it floundered the rest of the day into the close, which was negative by over 3% today.


Sizable gap down suggested a flat stance. I preferred shorts at this point in any event. But it only reddened on the initial noise candle, then it began a titanic gap fill to go green. By that time, going long was obviously suspicious, given how far it had come to go positive. Then it fell hard a bit under, possibly sucking in some shorts. It returned green and under again, then steadily climbed over the flat line. It held up all the way, eventually closing at session highs. The fake out choppiness could have lost money.



This either did not trade or something, the daily charts shows minuscule volume though, and no range. It opened and closed identically, and was unchanged from the previous close, so it's a no play.

Daily record: W-3 L-3-P-1


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