Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Watchers for the 3-23-11 trading session


See my comments for the past few sessions for entry cue/trade management aspects, little has changed. A no range no volume unchanged from the previous close session arose today. Ongoing Supernovae scan return. Still a potential short, if we get some movement. This is the Warrant one for 0.58 not the 5 buck one. I hope this thing has not been discontinued or halted, and I am not wasting anybody's time with a useless pick here!


Now no doubts about its Supernovae status, this one tacked on another massive climb following a gap up open. See my previous comments, they still apply almost entirely. Down nominally after hours, a possible red to green and holds long is in play, though at this point it will have to really be cautiously monitored. Potential short with preconditions met. These things often go on longer than what is sane or rational, so be aware.


Also a now a rapidly maturing Supernovae play, this reeks of manipulation, but on a sizable gap down it came roaring back green to support the nefarious bid. Obviously they still want it to achieve. See my previous comments, little has changed since then. It is in play both ways, though longs at this point really need guts. This is going to be an awesome short soon. I suspect some boxers and droppers were shaken out today, even.


A blast from the past, an old friend who does well when energy and oil do well, as they apparently did today when he recovery rally from the Japan crisis took a breather today. This beast has a tendency to really roll north once it gets going, by the way. Gap down with huge volume close helped it zoom. No obvious news. Potential long red to green or just a spike up at open to scalp up into. I assume if energy/oil retreats tomorrow it has poorer odds of another decent green day. If that sector has an encore, expect more from this one. A short on morning panic style dumps (scalping) whenever they arise or on confirmed weakness cues.


Red floater scan return. A classic one, which traveled nicely with gap ups to the top of the Bollinger bands and had a mildly red day today. The plan is to play for more 2nd day down side if it panic dumps at any time or sports confirmed weakness cues. Keep flat on further greening/positive price action. Has some nearby support at 13.55 so key will be how it reacts to a test from above. If it breaks below more gravy might come.


See my previous comments, they are still valid. Biggest volume yet, but now down after hours tidily. It could still recover and go green and hold for the long, but by now the pump might be peaking, so be ready to fade on the usual scenarios. This has been an amazing run the past few days. PR release yesterday helped, though.


Once again, see my previous notes on this, which are still applicable. The hidden hands behind this seem determined to walk it up. Accumulation volume is fading, though. While it can be cautiously longed with constant monitoring, it's getting late in the day by now. Over 1.50 now the only debate is when are they going to dump it in seconds so that many days of gains are lost in minutes. That will be a great short once they stop propping it up when it gets in trouble.


Another blast from the past released news today touted by Beacon Equity coming on the heels of a revenue beat on the 17th. Not exactly a Warren Buffet purchase, this still might advance if pumped this week. A long on consistently strong price action or at/near bell spiking up for a long scalp. I am flat on weakness, here.

Unofficially, I am watching a few stocks that could easily have been on my main list. CHGS rolled on news and is up after hours. It could go even higher on an opening spike or dump hard at once, or peter out spiking to fade. ROYL seems poised for another run, with a big day today. If energy/oil continues to roll tomorrow, it could have an encore. FXCB is a 52's play that broke out nicely and may have more momentum in store.

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