Sunday, March 27, 2011

Trade review 3-25-11

I got some of them right on Friday...



Great down side gravy. Gap down near hod open cliff dived, consistently printed under the opening price level for the fade entry. It ended the day negative by over 27% on Friday.


A flat open rose very early to a nice high, then then it began decaying, going green to red for the short entry. It retook the flat line later a bit but closed weak to end trading negative by less than 1 half of 1 percent.


Flat open began to rise out of the gate. The lod printed on the initial noise candle, so it did likely shake any longs out. Subsequent flat line tests stayed well above that early low, and it closed well, up over 3.5% on Friday. Finished off of the highs, though.



Another sad whipsaw loss for would be shorts. This gap up open advanced briefly, then fell green to red, and it seemed like the fix was finally in. But it greened in the afternoon for good, squeezing shorts. Closed positive by nearly 7.5% on Friday.


This looks like a win, but probably is a loss. Shorts saw an early spike above the flat line which could have triggered their stop, even though it fell back under and closed south by nearly 7% on Friday. A stop above the previous session high was not feasible because it was too far away. I honestly report my results, as here.


I got the directional bias wrong here. Worse, the stock went red to green early, but soon fell back under. It closed strong but not enough to save the day, finishing south by close to 1% on Friday. A whipsaw affair.



4 indeed proved to be important, but it was hardly playable due to the big gap. A daily doji like print ensued with no real range and no consistent printing under the opening price level. Low volume distribution, closing lower than the open, but anyone entering this questionable price action probably made nothing. Red close on Friday by over 3% but it was deceptive. I do not fudge my results in any case.

Daily record: W-3 L-3-P-1


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