Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Trade review 3-30-11

I got a few plays right today...



2nd red day gravy arrived on cue. This began falling evenly from the open from a gap down near the hod, lasting all day, closing south by nearly 11.5% today.


Opening on a gap down at the hod, this dumped from the gun, and any rebounds failed to go anywhere, with the selling lasting all session. Closed off of the lows, but still red by over 24.5% today.


Easy win for longs, as this gap up took 20 right from the start, when it rose out of the open for hours before pulling back. A strong close was needed as the opening price was breached for a spell, but the flat line was never in danger and it closed strong. Finished up over 6% and the aforementioned retreat likely did not stop any but the most conservative longs out.



By now, some shorts are probably using small pistols on themselves over this. You could argue this as a win over the nice morning panic dump from the bell that transpired, which was an excellent falling knife scalp, but it bounced AGAIN from a huge retreat to! After the selling, a rally (possibly short covering?) touched off about 10 minutes in to rise for hours, eventually going red to green and closing up almost 1% today. This stock has more lives for longs than a cat!



Daily doji unchanged finish relative to the open closed positive by over 1.5% today due to the gap up. It sported mildly positive price action all day, with dips of no great worry for longs. A boring push is in order.


This began to dump hard from the gun, which suggested a flat stance for would-be longs. True, it gradually recovered and even went red to green and held to the close, but most probably kept out. Up over 1% today.


I said to keep flat on enduring weak price action, and this began to fall in earnest right from the bell. It rallied later on and closed even stronger, but still could retake the flat line. Finished red by over 2% today.

Daily record: W-3 L-1-P-3


My unofficial pick MJNA zoomed out of the open, so shorts never got a play off. I said to keep flat on greening, but it was a good long as it turned out with the benefit of hindsight. Closed north over 66% today.

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