Monday, April 11, 2011

Trade review 4-11-11

I got some of them correct today...



Gap up and crap from the hod worked well, going green to red for a clear entry signal in the afternoon. It closed negative by over 11% today.


Perfect stair step for longs, as suspected. They really want to take this thing up, with the red session being cast aside like a fluke. A gap up filled, but then just rose steadily up in inches, closing green by nearly 15% today.


Gap up a cent under the hod gradually decayed, going green to red outright in a nice afternoon fade to close negative by over 12% today. The hod printed early and never took out the previous session high, so stopping out was not a likely factor. With no news catalyst that was obvious, it's surprising it even took this long.



A loss on whipsaw head faking. After a gap up, it kept going some minutes, which could have taken in longs. Then it peaked and fell back to the flat line, then greened, then listed back to the flat line area and closed weakly to end the day down nearly 3% after looking plausible early. Sometimes you just get trapped.



The good news is it had a red day, the bad news is while it gapped up, it fell on the initial 5 minute noise candle very red, and the next one to consider for entry opened very low and finished as a green stick. The next one did as well, so shorts got no obvious entry. The gap fill commenced, then it hugged the flat line and dived in the afternoon, closing south by over 4.5% today. Technically this is a win, but most shorts would have given up long before the late dive and considered it a no play scenario, hence a push.


A no range day with an open and close gapping way down preventing a short entry and staying there. If volume printed I could not see it. Closed down over 68.5% today but all of that was lost in the gap. A no play obviously, therefore a push.


Huge gap up negated realistic long, although it eventually closed green by a deceptive 18%+ mostly due to the gapper. Yes, it did close a cent higher than it opened, but that is not saying much. Yes, it did continue to inch up as I figured it would, but not before a big fall after gapping in the first 10 minutes that took all day to correct. Anyone entering long on the new hod would be not much better than break even. A clear no play.

My unofficial plays were interesting. PUDA I show down after hours even more, under 6, but it did not evidently trade today. Possibly it was halted and has not or will not reopen. A no play, obviously. UWN opened flat at the lod and moved up at once, so shorts never got a play off. This was also an obvious no play. It closed green by nearly 4.5% today.

Daily record: W-3 L-1-P-3


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