Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Trade review 4-20-11

I got a few plays right today...



3 was no problem at all as this opened on a gap up over it and despite an afternoon sell off, it remained in positive territory all day, closing strong to end up nearly 9.5% today.


As I predicted, a gap up hod open dumped out of the gate in the morning, a rebound failing to green, with this closing down close to 12.5% today.



It looks like a win, but I am calling it a loss. Some longs or shorts could have been taken out given how the price action played out especially shorts. A gap up soon faded to the flat line, going red at lunch, it then returned positive and closed very strong to end up green by over 7% today. Longs, who won the argument today, were the most likely not to be stopped out due to the reversal, but that is beside the point.


Another whipsaw of sorts, though several conservative shorts probably banked with early covers when it fell soon after the open and moved under 7. It returned over, and though it did not take out the initial high, it was possible to be stopped out on. Another trip from under the target level to short greened, and it ended up closing positive by over 10% today. This was in large part due to the gap, admittedly.



The long scalp never materialized, but neither did the short, because although it fell right out of the open and kept up sideways movement under the flat line, it never broke under a buck. Closed red by over 4.5% today.


Not a loss despite the negative result due to how the price action unfolded. A sizable gap up began to fall out of gate, filling the void. It grounded at the flat line, but the rise never threatened the earlier high and it began to fall again. Longs had no play. By afternoon it went red and eventually closed negative by over 3% today.


Weak price action from the gun prevented any logical long entry. It kept falling and essentially hugged the flat line most of the way from a gap up open, which closed red by over 1.5% today.

Daily record: W-2 L-2-P-3


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