Thursday, April 28, 2011

Trade review 4-28-11

I got a few plays accurately today...



This is just absurd. A gap down near the lod took off at once, going red to green and holds, with a flat line holding pull back early then it just advanced most of the way, closing near the hod up over 38% today.


A classic relatively early red to green move yielded a long. This advanced nicely in the morning and faded into the afternoon and close, but that was still positive by nearly 3% today.



This looks like a push, but a late dive briefly could have easily stopped out many longs. A new low was put in, but it quickly rebounded, even going green, before falling back to the flat line to finish unchanged today.



Opening flat, this began to advance shortly then pulled back to the initial noise candle low near the flat line. After going sideways a while it greened and really took off. It faded all afternoon but kept positive, closing up nearly 3.5% today. Shorts never got a chance to milk this for more down side.


A gap down failed to green, not retaking the flat line, much less the previous day high, to enter for longs. After tumbling for the 1st hour, it began to climb steadily, but still finished negative by over 9% today.


A gap up advanced soon after the open, which did not inspire confidence for shorts except to keep flat. It dipped red briefly then moved positive and sideways the rest of the way, closing up nearly 3.5% today, lost in the gap since it printed a daily doji in the end.


Arguably a win, since it closed well under the open, but it was a sizable gap up suggesting a flat stance. Opening near the hod, it fell at once, gradually recovering to finish off of the lows, but still positive by nearly 11.5% today due to the gap.

Off record picks were interesting. APP the Red Floater try sequel worked well, opening flat at the hod and falling nicely early and in the morning. It rallied in the afternoon, but not enough, closing down over 2.5% today. INAP opened flat at the lod and advanced slowly most of the way, closing off the highs but still positive by over 3% today. Both of these plays worked well, and these picks were almost main list quality.

Daily record: W-2 L-1-P-4

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