Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Trade review 5-4-11

I got some of them right today...



This played out to perfection, but the gap down was not optimum. A fast fill to go green, however, saved the play. Soon after, it dived back red yielding the fade entry. Hit the lod in an hour, and closed off of there, but still negative by nearly 10.5% today. Most all who got shares on the entry signal would have made money.


Another easy one. A flat open advanced modestly in the morning, but gradually drifted back to the flat line and then went red. Lots of time to get in on the cue signal. It continued to gently fade off the rest of the way, ending down over 6% today.


A beauty of a play, if you got shares. They went quick at IB as I watched live. A modest gap down open at the hod tanked at once, with nice panicking. It stopped making new lows after the 1st hour, but moved up only a bit and went sideways the remainder of the day. Closed south by over 20% today. No 2 test, though.


A perfect play on the gap down and go from the lod with an early red to green move for the long. 6 was finally tamed. It briefly dipped red with 30 minutes of the open, but the initial lod held. Then it just gradually rose all day, picking up steam in the afternoon, closing strongly up almost 11% today.



A whipsaw head fake loss. A gap down retreated initially, then yielded an early red to green move for the long entry cue. It did fine most of the morning. Then came lunch, and it faded steadily, eventually going green to red and holds. It closed weak, too, ending down over 4% today. A loss like this is hard to avoid as a trader.



I got the direction right, but no entry possible on a big gap up. A no play. A daily doji finish that went nowhere ultimately. Closed green by over 11% today, but that was lost in the gap.


A gap up and crap, so no longs were trapped if competent. The hod was printed in the initial noise candle. It steadily fell all morning, and rose into the afternoon. We never re-greened, though. Closed red y over 1.5% today. A curiosity is that the A/H quote now is back to the previous day close number exactly.

My off record play ORS went as follows. It opened on a big gap up, suggesting a no play. It advanced in the morning, but fell all afternoon, to close lower than it opened, but still positive by almost 17% today. due to the gap. Sometimes a play is ruined on a gap, and its price action following it does not lend itself to an entry.

Daily record: W-4 L-1-P-2

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