Thursday, May 05, 2011

Trade review 5-5-11

I got some of these things right on this day...



A flat open dumped soon after the open , going green to red, and later rallies failed to beat the flat line. A weak afternoon held negative, as it closed down nearly 4% today.


A gap up held 2 and it steadily advanced. This continued in the afternoon, as it closed green by over 5.5% today.


A gap down steadily declined, trading under the opening price level after the initial noise candle. This continued all session, eventually closing red by over 3.5% today.


A gap down at the lod went red to green early, yielding a long. This was very nominally profitable, but it counts. Closed positive by a bit over 1 half of 1 percent on low volume, it moved quite slowly all day.



A fake out whipsaw loss. After a gap down open, it steadily fell in the morning, trading under the opening price level after the initial noise candle. Then came lunch. A big rebound and a red to green probably shook plenty of shorts out, even if the high was under the previous session one. It soon peaked, and fell the rest of the way, but still closed positive by nearly 3% today.


An imposing gap up at the hod, but it faked out shorts, whipsawing them when it faded all morning, going red by lunch, before reversing. After greening, it fell and traded flat much of the way, going under before closing strong to end up over 1% today. A choppy ride which could have lost money if fading.


Arguable a push, given the negative finish, but more honestly a loss on the price action. A gap down went sideways initially. It began to trade consistently under the opening price level, but rebounded, going green. The gradually faded off, going red and closing a cent lower than the open, but still negative by over 3% today.
The entry point would have been no better than even to the close, which is a loser after commissions.



My unofficial play LEE panned out finally. A gap on this heavily oversold equity rose most of the way, closing green by over 14.5% today. I debated putting it on the official list, but decided not to put it there in the end.

Daily record: W-4 L-3-P-0

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