Monday, June 13, 2011

Trade review 6-13-11

I got some of these picks right today...



A gap up a cent under the hod advanced initially, then went green to red an hour and change in and never regained the flat line or better. A weak closed finished down over 1% today. A bare win, but it counts.


A gap up of a cent not really far from the hod which printed on the noise candle fell fast and hard at once. Not far from lunch it rebounded, which lasted the rest of the way, but it still closed negative by over 18.5% today.


A modest gap up held the flat line on an early test and kept going sideways and nominally positive, before gaining strength in the afternoon. It closed off of the highs, but still green by nearly 3% today.


A flat open saw the noise candle print green. The next one printed the lod, but immediately gapped over the flat line and moved sideways but positive until near lunch it took out the early high and kept going. Closed off of the highs but still up by over 12% today.



A fake out whip saw loss when the 1st few candles printed green aside from the initial or noise candle. These set a new high for the past 2 sessions, but it did not last. It soon fell back red and kept diving, finishing negative by over 3% today.


What did I say about squeeze risks on low float pigs like this? Sadly, some of you probably got burned here without choice since early on it looked weak, challenging but failing to hold the flat line from a gap down open. It broke over at lunch but immediately fell back under and resumed basing, but soared in the afternoon to finish off of the highs but still up by nearly 27.5% today.



The noise candle printed red, the next one greened, the following one zoomed over the flat line, so it's unlikely with this price action that any rules based short got caught. It kept going up half the session, when it faded in the afternoon but still closed positive by nearly 44.5% today.

My off record pick WAMUQ was a bust. A gap up open essentially crapped, but fortunately long losses were easy to avoid. Aside from the noise candle, it fell steadily, eventually crossing under the flat line. It closed negative by a bit over 0.5% today.

Daily record: W-4 L-2-P-1


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