Sunday, June 19, 2011

Trade review 6-17-11

I got a few picks correct on Friday...



A panic dump at the open yielded a possible fade scalp. The stock rebounded gradually, but a classic afternoon fade followed for another entry, making new lows. It closed on a rally, but it's unlikely the aforementioned shorts gave it all back before covering given how the price action proceeded. Closed down almost 9.5% on Friday.



This closed unchanged relative to the previous close on the day, but it probably lost money for early longs, if they entered right after the noise candle. A gradual fade in the afternoon eventually reddened, but closed even. It did not take 2.20 but it looked good early which could have trapped some longs once it crossed 2.10+



Arguable as a win, as it closed lower than it opened, but positive by over 4.5% on Friday due to the big gap up that made it hard to enter a play on. It consistently printed below the open, but the flat line mostly held.


A big gap down precluded entries. It began to fill at once, denying shorts again. Closing positive by a bit less than 1.5% on Friday, it filled the gap within the 1st 1/2 hour and went sideways much of the remainder.


A gap up at the hod exactly at 8.11 did not trigger over that for the long, and no shorts were applicable. It sold off on heavy volume and closed red by well over 1.5% on Friday. A no play.


Another no play failed trigger as a gap up open at the hod fell at once, going green to red. Volume was not as high as on the above stock, but the result was the same for potential longs, and no shorts were advised. Closed negative by over 1.5% on Friday. Since 12.22+ never arose, a flat stance was in store.


New 52's failed to materialize for the long entry when this gap up near the hod began dropping at once. The high printed on the noise candle, too. After a speedy green to red, it never regained the flat line. Gradually recovering, it closed south about 0.5% on Friday. No shorts were suggested, and longs were impossible.

Off record pick POTG opened on a gap up that did not fill and soon advanced, denying shorts a play. It kept going, closing up almost 25% on Friday.

Daily record: W-1 L-1-P-5


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