Thursday, July 21, 2011

Trade review 7-21-11

I got a few picks right on this day...



This began tumbling out of the gate. It returned green, but did not beat the 1st green day high and returned under the flat line. It closed weak and likely under the probable entry point, down over 7.5% today.



A borderline push, this ended down but if the entry was just under the close of yesterday shorts lost a bit of money. Finished positive a little under 1% today but beneath the opening price level.


Most longs lost a bit of money due to the likely early entry point. It closed positive by over 0.5% today but below the opening price level.



Shorts never got a chance here as this just zoomed from early on upwards. With even bigger volume, it closed up over 42.5% today.


The hod printed on the noise candle, and it decayed from very early, denying longs a play. After the green to red on the gapper, it kept dropping, closing down over 4.5% today.


A gap down at the hod and crap denied longs any play. It recovered later on but still ended down by over 4.5% today. A no play.


A sizable gap down began filling from the get go, denying shorts any play. A shame, since a great technical set up was muted. Closed negative by over 5.5% today but that was lost in the gapper.

Daily record: W-1 L-2-P-4


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