Monday, August 15, 2011

Big T goes on vacation again, but sparodic posting still possible until I return...

An important note to all my loyal readers and fans:

I am going to Oklahoma shortly, hopping a plane. I probably will not have picks for tomorrow, or in theory for the next 2 weeks. I have a mobile connect stick for my laptop like I did last July when I visited Iowa. I am not sure what the reception will be but where I will likely be staying probably will be able to read the card. Last year I was in some remote places that did not permit the thing to work, but I hope I can post a few things or even some picks this time.

I should resume posting for the September 1st trading session. I will be back in town early enough to do them before midnight, but if not the 2nd should be a certain return date.

Again, check the blog daily anyway, because I may have materials up during some days of the next few weeks if I get the time and am not too tired.

Big T

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