Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Trade review 10-19-11

I got some of them right today...



A gap down at the hod fell from the open, closing off of its lows but still negative by over 14.5% today. Early highs held on test with steady decay to win for shorts.


A modest win for longs when a gap up fell out of the open. After nominal redness, a red to green move triggered a long. It drifted along the flat line and tested it late, but closed strong an route to a green close of nearly 1.5% today. Ended off of the highs but enough over the likely open to assume a small profit.



A pretty big gap, so many shorts probably avoided this altogether, but it did fake out those entering. After taking out the opening price on gradual decay for half the day, it bottomed and rebounded slowly into the close, finishing south by nearly 4.5% today but above the opening price and perhaps above the fade entry.


A clear fake out of longs when this gap up filled and held the flat line on that challenge, taking out the initial 30 minute high about an hour in. It did not last, as it fell gradually all day back to the flat line, and then under it, to end down by over 1.5% today. This was almost surely below the likely entry price for buyers.



No trigger as a gap up from the hod fell from the open, with steady decay to end down over 6.5% today.


Some longs probably banked if they scalped early, but the huge gap up open negated any safe entry. A flat stance beckoned. Closed below the open but still positive by 22% due to the gapper.


A likely no play for intended longs given the price action. A gap up near the hod fell on the noise candle. It got over 8 on only 1 candle about 40 minutes in. The very next candle reddened, and it could not take out the previous high the rest of the way. Sideways moves followed into the finish which was up by over 0.5% today. Any long still holding if they bit on the noise is up almost 7% A/H so this merits at least a push in any event.

Daily record: W-2 L-2-P-3


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