Thursday, November 17, 2011

Trade review 11-17-11

I got no picks right on this day except my off record selection, which worked very well...





A gap down open immediately rose and greened. This did not keep going, and it fell gradually back to the flat line. Then it fell under, drawing some shorts in, and maybe more when it fell under the open. Rebounds ensued that did not really green, but recovered enough to hit the flat line. It closed near there unchanged or nominally positive, which means most entries lost money with or without commissions being factored in.


A flat open began to fall out of the open, then a rapid red to green move which may have sucked some longs in. Another untimely fall under the flat line led to another flat line cross which probably allowed most to get out even or so since it kept positive a lot longer. It's a loss on paper though. Around lunch it began to decay, falling back under for good, closing red by over 3.5% today.


Early weakness gave way to a rebound that went red to green late morning. Although several would have avoided plays given the sizable gap down, some could have entered over 11. It did not reach the 2nd trigger, so losses were minimized. During lunch it fell negative and remained under the flat line until a barely red close.



This marched up from the gun, so shorts never had a play. It kept above the flat line on pull backs the rest of the way, moving sideways into the close, south by over 14.5% today.


No trigger here as this failed to defeat 6 again for longs. A gap down debut never filled, panic diving from the bell. Rebounds did not succeed fully, and it meandered sideways into the close, red by over 5% today.


A no play when this steadily fell out of a gap down open. It moved sideways and a bit up in the afternoon, but failed to close the gap. Ended south by over 18% today.


A gap up fell at once, going red. It greened but only briefly and not until lunch. It also did not make more annual highs. It's unlikely many if any longs bit on this given the price action. Also during lunch it fell red for good, moving sideways into the close, south by over 1% today off a likely no play.

My off table pick, RMBS worked like a charm. A gap up not real far from the lod printed that on the noise candle, then it steadily inched up all day, closing positive by almost 23.5% today.

A rare really bad day for me. Good thing my overall record over the past 2 odd years is much better!

Daily record: W-0 L-3-P-4


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