Monday, November 07, 2011

Trade review 11-7-11

I got a few picks right on this day...



An easy win for shorts as this gap up and crap fell from the hod at once. It fell red pronto for entry and kept declining all day. Closed south by at least 25% today.


Another easy win for shorts when this 2 cent gap down held the flat line to the upside and faded all day, en route to a down finish of over 10.5% today.


The price action worked like a charm for shorts here, as well. A gap up and near crap ensued with the hod printing on the initial 5 minute (noise) candle, so longs were not fooled. A gradual move to 0.95 and a fall under triggered the fade. It nose dived into the close for gravy, closing red by over 10.5% today.



2.50ish proved to be the barrier no long would cross. Notice how all the up days were lost in ONE DAY in a matter of hours or even minutes! I thought it had a long bias up to the key level, but it fell somewhat out of the gate. A red to green like move could have snared some foolish longs. It moved sideways along the flat line then morning panic dumped. Some smart shorts banked here, but I'm counting this as a loss. Closed negative by nearly 49% today. No, that's not a typo! Amateurs to this game should take notes on plays like these!


In spite of the gap up, some shorts could have bit when it advanced near the open and fell under that level a bit later, only to rebound an close north by nearly 14% today. Much of that was lost in the gap, but still.



The good news is a gap up from the lod which advanced at once did not fool seasoned shorts. The bad news is it did not yield gravy for them in consequence. A slow incline that finished up over 5% today for a push.


A no trigger annual high gravy play that opened on a gap down that just missed filling. More yearly highs were also obviously missed. Closed south by nearly 6% today.

My 2 off record picks worked, too. ALSK advanced early and late morning went green to red for the fade entry. It sold off hard the rest of the way, closing down over 9% today, the stop level holding but not needed given the price action sequence. BIOF sported an afternoon fade and retraces held the initial highs on early entries. It faded into the close, south by over 1.5% today.

Daily record: W-3 L-2-P-2


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