Sunday, December 28, 2014

Watchers for the 12-29-14 trading session


Still up quite a bit. See my previous comments. Possible gravy short on more reddening. Fell under 2% Friday. Recent initial red session Supernovae.


See my last comments. Another recent initial red session Supernovae that might have a bit more downside left. Finished unchanged. This and the first stock may be basing and going higher, so be careful since the main fade play on both has already happened.


Supernovae, still maturing. See my previous comments. Gap up closed under the open, but positive by around 3% Friday. Potential short.


Also maturing as a Supernovae, this ended up almost 4.5% Friday. Possible short on weakness. See my earlier comments.


Ditto here. Another maturing Supernovae. See my last comments. Up over 4% Friday. Potential fade.


In play both ways. As a long on continuation of momentum above 9.54/holds. Or as a scalp up at or near the gun for a scalp buy. Or, as a short on a fall fail of 9/and holds. Or as a scalp sell on a pop down at or near the bell. Avoid all big gaps. Be careful maintaining a short on a reversal back over 9. The fade is more likely given the price action on Friday, but keep an open mind.


I like this short on over extension on a gap and crap top fish or better a fall fail back under 0.85/holds. Avoid big gap downs. Also short on confirmed weakness cues or panic dumps at any time, possibly scalping. Keep in mind many plays like this go on longer than anticipated; it would not surprise me if it overtakes 0.90 and keeps going a bit. Stops above Friday's high at worst. May not be done yet. Barely enough volume for my usual taste, so be careful at your own risk.

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