Monday, September 13, 2010

Trade review 9-13-10

I got a few trades right...



Easy fading action from the bell, a flat open at the hod, which gently fell all day, finishing red by over 13%


Lame volume, but classic flat open, early greening, rapid green to red and fade out until the close, finishing down by over 2.5% It had been down a bit more earlier on in the day, but is regained a bit of the lost ground.


A dead letter textbook example of a perfect play for a short! A modest gap up open, some mediocre greening, then it went green to red (fell below the previous session close and here the daily opening price) which immediately signaled a short play cue entry. Then it quickly dived, recovered somewhat, but still finished red by over 13% Easily the easiest and best short of the day in terms of clarity and risk/reward!



A clear loss for me. Despite gapping down, this dead cat bounce long play attempt opened near the hod, then tanked most of the way, finishing red by close to 7% It recovered from its lows, but that does not count!


It did spike fairly pretty early from optimistic longs late to the party, but it never weakened below the opening price or the previous closing price. They sold the old news, then re-bought. Up nearly 13% on the day. Since it did not spike from the bell, it does not seem justified to give even partial credit here given my short bias.



This never weakened to short into, opening at the lod and soaring all day again to finish green by almost 95% so staying flat was the call in such a case.


Once again, another flat lod open that never weakened and steadily climbed all day, finishing off the highs after reaching its zenith in the first hour. Green by nearly 16%


No change close prevents me from claiming this as a win. Modest trading range today, opening on an average gap up somewhat near the hod and finished lower than it opened. It fell from the gun, so no victory claim.

Daily record: W-3 L-2-P-3

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