Monday, September 13, 2010

Watchers for the 9-14-10 trading session


Any day now. I know, I know, I said that last time, but look at that daily candlestick charts and tell me some distribution is not in the cards soon. Once again, fade weakness only. If it looks strong early, leave it alone. I do not prefer to short parabolic moves short term, I prefer only clear weakness cues, like AUGT sported today!


Ok, one session up 162% and today up over 94% so this is on watch for over extension to short into. See my comments for RMCP as they roughly apply. Your job is to find shares, and patiently wait for it falter to fade it. Now a Supernovae scan return, things are getting interesting fast.


Same old story here as well. Avoid longs, wait for the usual weakness cues if they surface.


First red day Supenovae pop stock. May have more down side. This is a play I often forget to mention, but frequently works. A bonus is a lot of shorts cover and free shares, only to watch more down moves on day 2 that could have netted them some extra gravy. Only fade more weakness cues, preferably additional early dumping. Early spiking upwards I just stay away from. I want to see hands shaken out, not new interest.


First day Supernovae scan return. May have more spiking up left, probably from the bell or near it. Look for shares and fade weakness cues only. Since it is early in the party, you can box and drop where applicable.


Bad firm, likely bitter share holders. Daily doji print candle. Possible reversal from recent greening? I think maybe. Watch for the usual weakness cues to short into. Remain flat otherwise.


Could have a bit more left for longs tomorrow, but I want to short this on the usual weakness cues should they surface. Cheapie, but up over 134% on the day has something to do with it. Long scalping only on early spiking from the bell, with caution.


Up 92.5% today. Cheapie, fade on weakness cues only. Avoid longs. One of the least attractive plays on the list tonight, as it is under 10 cents per share.

Unofficially, OPXA can be shorted on a parabolic move by top fishing, a practice I do not endorse. Scalping short pops and drops might happen here. Up over 43.5% today, this closed well off its highs and is up after hours. Very possible more early spiking up and sell off profit taking could be faded. Enter at your own risk!

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