Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Trade review 9-14-10

I got a couple plays right...



Incredibly, this offered TWO near textbook entries in one session to fade! Morning panic open, easy down side action to short into, then a recovery that offered a re-dive into the close in the last hour. Red finish by over 20%


Another perfect play, this opened gapping reasonably up, then went green to red about 30 minutes in. One fakeout would not have stopped shorts out with a typical stop right above the daily or previous session high. Red close by nearly 19%


Exact same analysis here! Slight gap up led to green to red entry weakness cue, which had a recovery fake out which would not have stopped out shorts placing their stop just above the daily or previous day high. It actually fell twice, like RMCP did sort of. Red close by over 5.5%


Opened somewhat near the hod, then fell the first hour. Easy money short given the crappy nature of this company and the daily chart cues. It then rose most of the rest of the way, but still finished below the open and any sane earlier exit (when it kept advancing) made money. Red by over 2% closing well off the lows.



A news catalyst merger situation that was not a trade. I goofed on the selection terribly as I somehow confused a chart. Never should have been a pick. Up less than 1% but a loss is just. Please, nobody E-mail me with comments about how since the stock is STILL trading below 8.60 that there is still some upside! Certainly it is possible, but such a play is strictly amateur territory...


A clear loss as whipsaw action abounded that could have lost money both directions. Possibly scalpable long early but I saw this mostly as a short and after the roller coaster ride it finally finished green by close to 4% It did sport a fakeout breakdown which re-greened, possibly stopping out conservative shorts. Later it fell below the open more convincingly, but that too recovered to complete the mystery. A frustrating play.



Second day proved green, not red. Why a push? Well, it opened on a (lod) gap down, which you do not short unless it morning panics (just as you do not usually buy gap ups) & from the gun it rose, quickly going green, so you never had a valid weakness cue to short into, so staying flat was the only play. Closed up by over 4%


Another no play. Opening on a sizable gap up, this only briefly fell below the opening price and only during the useless first 5 minutes or so, making no short entry possible. It rose most of the rest of the way, pull backs never retouching the open or falling under it. Green by over 88%

Daily record: W-4 L-2-P-2


Unofficial pick OPXA gapped up slightly, faked out a breakdown early, then recovered to go green soon after, which level it held though the session. Closed off the highs but timing the top for a fade was near impossible, in my humble opinion. Closed green by over 13%

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