Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Watchers for the 9-15-10 trading session


Supernovae scan return. Up over 50% today and over 100% collectively over the past 5 days. Short on weakness cues only, flat otherwise. Box and drop possible, as always. Always remember, only short weakness. One the best potential short plays for tomorrow!


Another Supernovae. Too cheap per share but look at the nice chart. Short weakness cues exclusively, avoid longs, box and drop, etc. As I always say, patience, stalking skills and share location are most of this game. This may not quite be done as the volume is still rising, but you never know.


First red day of the Supernovae pop. Might have more reddening left on day 2. Only fade into clear weakness cues, as usual. See my comments for NCEN about what this game entails.


Now on my official list, this is due for some correction if sellers who used to be longs cooperate. Still may not be done but if it sports clear weakness cues I would consider a fade entry here.


Now really over extending, this is on watch for a fade entry on weakness cues if they arise. Avoid longs and wait for blood in the water first. Might not be quite done yet but the end is coming soon, I suspect.


A rare early spike long scalp pick. Drilling news sent this mineral stock up 22% today, but late arriving optimistic longs may provide another move north for less upside, then profit taking shorting might arise.


News releases might be the only explanation for why this crummy stock has been going up of late. Surely it cannot continue much longer consecutively, so I would look for shares to fade this on clear weakness cues only. Flat otherwise. If it looks strong early, just leave it alone. I am cautious whenever something is up and I cannot clearly see exactly why, logical or not, I want to be able to define it.

Unofficially, keep watching KBLB but with its split personality action last time, I hesitate to seriously consider this as short, but if it weakens with clear cues, it is a possibility in theory. I am not confident enough to put it in the official list. SFEG might be due soon for a correction, but it is not up enough to interest me officially. Short only clear weakness cues as always, at your own risk. This type of up moving can go on for many days, remember that. Insane amounts in just as few days are better risk to reward for shorting purposes.

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