Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Trade review 9-15-10

I got some of them right...



Very instructive gap up with early greening, following by an afternoon fade with green to red and falling into the close to finish red by nearly 38% Once this fell below its own open and its previous close, it was game on.


Another great call. Small gap up, equal to the hod, tanked nicely all day en route to a red finish of over 21%


Another fine play. Opening on a seemingly formidable gap up, near the hod, the soon went south and below the previous session close and of course the opening price. Tanked over 51.5% beginning about an hour and 12 minutes in. Even fading into the close, textbook case.


I just ACED this play, which hardly missed a beat, en route to greening by over 15.5% on the day. A rare long for me, as I usually do not do as well on them due to trading style. But this was a close to FREE money as it gets. I suspect I will get E-mail on this one, from some of you who banked!



Unfortunately, it looked awesome early on, but finished green by over 3% but it just goes that way at times. Since it could have sucked in shorts and faked them out, a loss is indicated. Daily doji, though, by the way.


Much as it pains me to list this as a loss, considering it finished red by over 4.5% I must do so, being one the few honest bloggers out there on my picks or trades, etc. Here is why: The stock opened on a gap up, that soon (but past the risky first 5 minutes) went green to red. But it recovered shortly after and went green again, eclipsing the previous session high, probably stopping anyone in it out. So, when it went red again and finished that way, in real life most would have been out of the money. Proof that even with perfect rules and discipline, there is no such thing as a risk free play, or this would be the same as investing in a high yield CD or government backed bond. You can always lose money, the trick is minimizing losses, maximizing wins as they are occurring, and accepting small losses fast when and if the rules (like prices above the previous session high being reached on a play after you got in and you are short) say to get out. Sue me for being honest, ok?



Opening on a gap down of barely playable proportions, this sported an early fake out breakdown which recovered. True, it never took out the previous day's high for stops set there, but it did defeat the open on the come back, although it did finish lower than it opened. Down a bit over10% but some of that was from the gap. Some might argue this as a cheap shot win, but I do not think so. All things considered, a push at best.

Daily record: W-4 L-2-P-1


Unofficial picks KBLB and SFEG went as follows: Good thing the first was not an official play. It faked out shorts (again) and fell early on, then roared back with a vengeance into the close to finish green by over 72% while the latter pick opened on a gap up which whipsawed traders and eventually finished unchanged. When it recovered it never took out the hod which came early, but it was a hard to figure out session, at the very least.

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