Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Trade review 9-21-10

I rolled today...



If at first you do not succeed, try try again! This opened on a nominal gap up, and soon went green to red, fading through the session en route to a down finish of over 5%


Another clean fade play, this opened flat and essentially morning panicked to red then tapered off gently with a down side bias for the remainder of the session, closing down by nearly 18% on the day.


Persistence pays! Opening at the hod from a flat debut, this tanked nicely all day, and even though it finished off the lows, it still closed down over 22.5% on the session. The previous session high was never revisited, and the up moves only hit the flat area.


Gap down open somewhat, but it tanked from the start and evenly all day to finish red by nearly 9% today. The open was equal to the hod, and the previous session hod was never revisited.


Another aced call, initial spiking then a top casting short entry banked coin. In fact, you did not have to short into dying spiking candles of green, you could have simply entered on a standard green to red about 11 A.M EST and rode it down into the close for the cover. Finished south by nearly 8% on the day!





Gap down open discouraged short entry. Equal to the lod, it moved up and sideways in a small stick range from that point, so remaining flat was the only option. Closed higher than it opened despite the red finish of over 5.5% today. By the time the useless first 5 minutes were up, all it was doing was filling the gap. A push.

Unofficial stinker AENY also panned out. Opening on the hod on a gap down that began tanking from the bell, it finished off the lows of the day but still closed down nearly 8% today. Notice that each new red day is a gap down start, a sign of weakness if the follow up in each case is immediate down side action, as here.

I did very well today, going 100% on selections. I have done this a few times since the inception of the blog. Even my AENY call worked today, though not on my official list...

Daily record: W-5 L-0-P-1


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