Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Watchers for the 9-22-10 trading session


Unless this gaps down again on the lod with immediate upside like last time, it is still in play for a fade entry on verified weakness cues. Like before, stay flat otherwise.


Supernovae scan return, 3 white soldiers. Volume is still rising, so it may not be done yet, but the high wave stick relative to the close is a clue to impending profit taking acceleration. Box and drop or jump in on verified weakness cues only or be flat. No longs, unless it spikes early for a green scalping try.


Ferocious breakout here that nearly closed on the hod. It might have more, at least early. This might yield a a green scalp entry for some "quick" money. Cup correction high from early August decisively took 4 bucks a share today. I assume most shorts that were squeezed today are out, so most of the possible early upside tomorrow will be new buyers with little covering to fuel the greening. It then becomes a short on profit taking in another rare top fishing play on dying green candle momentum. Obviously, if we open only nominally green or flat and begin to sell off, this can be faded as well. Avoid going short on a gap down, too much early red to green risk on this one.


Analyst comments apparently. Up nearly 48% almost closing on the hod. Another 9%+ after hours, so it is going parabolic and asking to be faded on weakness cues. Long scalping for the brave and foolish. I would stay flat if not shorting into dying momentum or outright faltering signs.


Pinkie below 10 cents per share was up nearly 128% with volume on no obvious news. My scan for promoters also led to nothing, evidently. Short on verified weakness cues only, be flat otherwise.


Another old friend crossing the dollar mark for the first time since May. I expect a bit more early on, possibly from the gun to scalp long. Wait for the fade entry on dying momentum if you wish, but that is less ideal on this play given the circumstances. Stocks like this are rolling lately, see BIOF for example. I expect this heads back under a buck soon and I am willing to wait for a clear weakness cue to fade it if and when it arises. 200 day SMA is at 1.12 which is about where it peaked out at. If we get over that, bulls might be giddy.


First real red day after a run up that has been ongoing since the beginning of September. More down side selling might follow tomorrow, possibly from the bell or fairly early. Fade this on clear weakness cues. Flat otherwise. I never liked this long, even during its lengthy ascent. Hopefully we open flat or barely down, which will make it easier to get a play off.

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