Monday, October 04, 2010

Trade review 10-1-10

I got some of these things right...



Despite some initial greening, once this went under the previous session close it faded nicely all day, mostly, en route to a red finish of over 8.5% on Friday.


Like NSPH this started out greening, but once it took out the previous session close it stayed below for good. Despite some recovering later in the day, it re-faded into the close, finishing down nearly 9% on the day.


Easy fade and probably my best play call on Friday, this opened on a fairly big gap up but it went green to red nicely and once it did, a shorting cue signal arrived. It finished off the lows somewhat but it never got back above the previous session close, finishing red by nearly 17% on Friday. This occurred in the afternoon, one of the most reliable shorting entries possible, arguably.



Opened on a gap up, then whipsawed a bit, closing lower than it opened but above the Thursday close just barely. As I was wrong about the timing (though it did intra-day hit below the previous session close which could have made some savvy shorts money)and the direction, a loss is the correct result to record. Green by less than 1% on the day.


Opening on a gap up, this whipsawed and ultimately closed a bit higher than it opened.  I botched the timing, and, like JSDA , this fell intra-day below the previous session close, but it was not deep enough in or long lasting enough for most to have made money. I got the direction wrong as well, so it must be scored as a loss. Green by a bit more than 1.5% on Friday.



Huge gap down open negated short entry. Naturally the gap immediately started filling, and it finished higher than it opened, but still red by over 7.5% due to the play ruining gap down. As I did not like longs, a push.


A dishonest blogger would list this as a win, since it finished red by 28% on Friday. A closer look reveals most of that profit for shorts was lost in the gap, which opened down hugely. That meant a play of any kind, other than staying flat, was ill-advised. True enough, the open was the hod, and it fell several cents below that, but most of the price action was pretty flat in the process, and you had no way to know if the gap would have been filled, as it often is on such big ones starting out south. A push is order here.

Daily record: W-3 L-2-P-2


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