Monday, October 04, 2010

Trade review 10-4-10

I got a few picks correct today...



Opening on a gap down, this was not far below the hod and it soon began trading below its opening price for a pleasant fade, which soon traded sideways without recovery into the close. Closed red by over 8% on the day.


Opening on a 1 cent gap up, it proved to be the hod, which faded nicely on low volume profit taking all day. Closed down by over 9% today.


A stock which rarely holds its spikes historically, this one opened on a gap down somewhat near the hod and faded early, then it traded mostly sideways into the close, finishing south by over 12% on Monday.



3 cent gap up kept on going, greening by over 3% today. I could list this as push, as it never really weakened, but I was wrong about the direction continuation. Given Friday's daily doji like print, it was a reasonable call. My timing was off a bit here.


Fairly big gap up gap up negated any short entry, but one could have made money here shorting the stock once it began trading below its opening price, as it did early on. But I was wrong about the direction and timing , so a loss is in order. I assume most of my subscribers stayed flat on it.



Opening at the lod, this kept going for a spell, permitting an early long, as I suspected. It then leveled out and traded sideways into the finish. I saw this also as a short, so a push is order. Careful, this is an earnings winner, which makes even short scalping tricky and even dangerous.

Daily record: W-3 L-2-P-1


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