Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Trade review 10-26-10

I got a few plays right...



The good news is that we eventually got out red to green long and then some. The bad news is that this shady stock got halted by the exchange pending further materials from the company, so let us hope anyone banking exited before the halt. Green by over 86% today.


Some early noise but mostly this fell evenly and gradually into the close, which was red by nearly 13% today.


The play on this was a fail right near 8 on a test, which occurred about an hour in. The drive to it after a gap down open was a possible scalp long as well. Closed red by nearly 3.5% today.


This roared out of the gate, but gradually faded over the next few hours. Late in the day heavy volume dumping arrived, and the stock went green to red, yielding a short entry on a classic weakness cue. Closed red by over 12.5% today.



I saw this as a long. That proved incorrect. It opened near the hod on a gap up and fell from there. More tests followed, all failing near 4. We never really got out red to green long. Closed down by over 2% on the day.


Opening on a gap up, it fell on massive volume for the first 10 minutes, so this arguably a push at least, but it did not last. Ultimately I got the direction wrong as it recovered in the afternoon following hours of sideways price action. Some early covers probably banked, but that is no excuse. Closed green by nearly 7.5% today.



Gap down open negated short entry. Fell only in the first useless 5 minute candle, then advanced. No clear weakness cue to fade into, hence a flat stance was called for. Eventually went green, but finished well off the highs. Up by a bit less than 1% on the day. At times, the only play on a stock is no play.

Daily record: W-4 L-2-P-1


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