Thursday, November 18, 2010

Trade review 11-18-10

Please read the following post first: Big T's request! 

I made a few decent calls today...



Opening on a gap down, this played out nicely after it traded sideways at first then gradually faded. Once it traded below its opening price, a shorting cue occurred. Closed red by over 2.5% today, for the win.


This played out alright, albeit with substandard volume. The first 5 minute candle took us over 3.50 and thus the break out commenced as predicted. We did not get much more, but it was a winner. Green by over 3.5%


Absolutely the play of the day. Trading was halted just prior to 1 P.M. on the Conference Call. They did not like the conversation, as massive dumping followed resumption in a killer short scalp and more that ended up closing red by a murderous 35.5%+ on the session. Early action was nominally green, we had a dump bounce scalp for a long, even. Plays like this exploiting raw human emotion and panic are really profitable scenarios!


A gap up open pushed higher with nominal noise, in a gradual up slope. Closed green by almost 5% today.



I would like to claim this as a push, as a sizable gap up open above the support entry I mentioned occurred, but it looked quite nice for longs based on early moves that proved deceptive. It went red in choppy fashion twice. True, it never took out the previous session close or the stop area I listed, but I was wrong enough here to merit a loss. Whipsaw plays are hard to claim as pushes. Green by less than 1 half of 1 percent.



This opened near the lod and began climbing immediately, suggesting a flat stance. Green by about 20% today, shorts never got an entry signal, hence a no play push.


After a gap up open, this never traded below its opening price, and steadily advanced, yielding no clear weakness cue to fade into. This suggested a flat stance, and consequently a push. Green by over 5.5% today.

Daily record: W-4 L-1-P-2


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