Thursday, November 18, 2010

Watchers for the 11-19-10 trading session

Please read the following post first: Big T's request! 


Biggest volume print yet, and becoming more over extended today, this is on watch to fade a distribution session, entering on the usual clear weakness cues. Again, despite today's greening, not into longs anymore.


New 52's. Short term, these stocks usually go higher still. Took out a May high convincingly. Plan is to go long on early strength or spiking for a scalp with a possible longer hold depending on how it acts. Not into a short here. If it falls below 6 though, the party looks less inviting.


See my comments from last time, they mostly still apply. Still looking to fade this on clear weakness cues.


A risky pick with a conditional entry. Many down sessions and new 52 week lows, seeming climax volume printed today and it is up after hours. The plan is to watch this from the gun, even pre-market if applicable, for signs of bargain hunting bounces to long scalp or a bit more, depending on how it holds up. If it weakens keep flat, given so many red letter days.


Under 6 after hours, this broke out today and might have some early strength on Friday. Possible red to green long entry if we gap down and go that could be scalped or held longer for an EOD exit if it keeps advancing. Needs to break back over 6 on volume and holds to be a viable play.


Never one to top fish short a stock, this one has me tempted. It is up after hours following a few big up days. I see a profit taking correction coming here. Volume still strong so patience is advised. I want to see massive early dump candles to scalp fade into or standard weakness cues to enter or be flat. Not into a long here.


Deep long correction and now new 52's. If this holds 0.70 it might go higher. Not into a short if it does not hold the price level mentioned, just would keep flat. I would like to see early strength and slow and steady greening. I think we will know early on what kind of day it will have by its handling of any test of 0.70ish.

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