Sunday, November 21, 2010

Trade review 11-19-10

I got some of these plays right...



This played out well enough for the bargain hunting bounce long. A gap up fell to the flat line, then went red outright. But it gradually recovered, going green in the afternoon for an entry signal. Closed positive by over 3.5% on Friday.


Gap up and crap. Open equaled the hod and it tanked nicely from near the start, never going green. It closed off the lows, but still finished red by over 10%


We did know early what kind of day was in store for this stock, as it zoomed up out of the gate and easily held 0.70+ on a red to green scenario. Coasted into the close, which was up by over 6.5% on Friday.



I was enough wrong here to warrant a loss result. Opening on a gap down which proved to be the hod, the stock finished south by over 5% on Friday. True, it never saw 6 to make it a play, but this was just a bad call.



This zoomed up from the gun, with the lod coming in the first useless 5 minute candle. No weakness cue triggered, so a flat stance was called for, hence a push. It nearly retested the low later, but that would have been too hard to time. Green by nearly 14% on Friday. Latest volume has replaced Thursday's as the peak.


This opened on a gap up, then fell nearly immediately. After an hour of distribution, it gradually recovered, finally greening into the close, which was up by over 1% on Friday. I got the outcome right here, but not all the moves. Probably nobody got faked out on a mistimed long, given the price action, but a push is probably called for given the choppiness.


Opening flat, this fell intra-day, but still finished flat by day's end. It is possible some shorts made money, but the unchanged result merits a push.

Daily record: W-3 L-1-P-3


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