Sunday, December 05, 2010

Trade review 12-2-10

I got a few of these plays right...



This played out perfectly. Opening at 7 dollars and 2 cents above the lod, it steadily advanced. Green close by over 4.5% on Thursday.


Near bell move up was a scalp, and it closed green on Thursday by over 1% but the daily doji print argues for a push. All things considered, a cheap win might be claimed at best as the direction and early price action cooperated.



A loss as we did gap up but soon failed. I did not like a short and this steadily faded. Closed red by over 4.5% on Thursday.


This closed higher than it opened, and I was short biased, although it did indeed gap up. To make any fade work a top fishing entry would have been essential. Closed green by nearly 6.5% on Thursday.


I was mostly long biased here. We opened on the hod over 2 and soon went red. But it was choppy, which is an easy way to lose money, on fake outs, etc. The redness bounced back green and the roller coaster ride continued, eventually finishing red by over 1.5% on Thursday. This price action merits a loss on whipsawing.



Opening on a gap up, we never had a clear shorting signal as the stock fell only to the flat line as the lod and advanced conservatively thereafter. Green finish by nearly 2.5% on Thursday was another no play, and hence a push.


This opened at the hod and I intended it as a long scalp. It dumped from the gun and I said to step aside (stay flat) and not try to top fish fade. Too bad here, as that would have paid off nicely, as it closed red by 17.5% on Thursday. A push on the no play. A Supernovae scan return, it only lasted a day, which is not so great.

Daily record: W-2 L-3-P-2


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