Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Trade review 12-28-10

I got a couple plays right...



Nice green to red in late morning, which recovered off of the lows, but still finished red by over 7% today.


Another nice short which began dumping from near the red hod open, fading all day evenly. Closed red by over 22.5% today. Once it consistently traded below its opening price, a shorting signal was in effect. Easy.


The beat went on yet again as they supported this junker. Mostly even rising all day lasting into the close, which was green by over 19% today. I figured we had at least one more day left of this upward silliness.


A play that worked both ways. First, a gap down went green early with nice spiking out of the gate, good for a long scalp as suggested might happen. After most of the rest of the day sideways price action, it decayed g/r into the close, finishing red by nearly 3.5% today. The easiest play was the scalp, but both did just fine.


The only noise was on the first useless 5 minute candle. A nice red to green long followed on the second 5 minute candle. Most longs banked. It eventually closed off of the highs but still green by nearly 26.5% today.



Technically, I could claim a win here on a confirmed weakness cue of trading below the opening price as it did soon after it debuted, but I was wrong enough about the direction likelihood and how it played out to merit a loss. No real panic selling for the fade, either, just a gradual decline. Closed red by over 20% today.


Somewhat choppy price action means that while I could try to claim a push on the outcome, a loss is more fair. After the first useless 5 minute candle, the stock kept falling, but soon went green. This too did not last as the hod on the spike was just a tad below the previous session high, and it reversed again, eventually going back red for good during the first hour. Closed red by over 11.5% today. Longs and shorts could have lost.



My unofficial plays did quite well. WLOC broke out as suspected today, finishing green by close to 5% today after taking and holding 1.86+ and MILL was a perfect hammer long pick, closing green by nearly 7% today. The latter pick had beautiful stop placement specs, a simple early red to green, with an ideal set up candle!

Daily record: W-5 L-2-P-0


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